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ABC Hockey Club is a competitive hockey club and founding member of the North Harbour Hockey Association (NHHA). We are represented in all grades throughout NHHA competitions and continue a sustainable growth for both the men’s and women’s teams within the Club.


The values and culture of ABC are as consistent and relevant now as they were in 1989 and they are at the heart of what makes ABC so special for its members. 


ABC is committed to providing the best opportunities and support for our members to pursue their individual and collective goals. A culture of nurturing and growing good people on and off the hockey field creates an environment where skills and knowledge are passed on freely. 


ABC has a proud history of producing various age group, regional and national representatives. This creates an environment and opportunities for mentoring our younger players and their development within the sport. Others may regard improving physical health and well-being as their goal which is also provided for. Gender equality is evident in membership and ensures balanced viewpoints.


ABC provides social and organisational development opportunities for members who wish to be involved. With a culture of respect, collegiality and integrity, there are opportunities for them to give back to their Club and its members.

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