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2022 Season



Kirsten Pearce
Caitlin Craigie



A-B-C, it’s easy as 1-2-3 teams added into Division 3 Women’s from 2020 onwards. A huge credit to the club’s friendly reputation and distinctive fashion sense, we were able to again grow our overall squad size in this grade.

We were fortunate to never feel Marooned during the season with our highly patient, bubbly, and whiteboard-ready coach Kirsten Pearce ready to share her knowledge. With many newcomers to hockey as well as those returning from at times double digit long hiatuses, we were grounded in Kirsten’s focus on the basics as we worked towards becoming pitch perfect.

Highlights from the season included scoring two goals against NSU Red (who only conceded three goals across the 16 round robin games), conceding nothing more than green cards, and of course making it to the Plate Final!

Nevertheless, we finished the season with some unanswered questions. How do you pronounce Heja? Should you elect to start facing the sun? Why is the water pressure set so high for the turf-side taps? And more importantly for referee purposes, how long is five metres? (Current wisdom is about 3 Ginas).


Thank you again to Kirsten for her fantastic coaching, Bec Kennedy for her proactive captaincy, and the wider group of ABC volunteers, particularly Karen Croft, for always being on the ball. We look forward to demonstrating our hockey stick growth during the summer season and beyond. 

2022 Season Round Up

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